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Jackie Gingell has been a writer ever since she could spell the word and could not imagine a day when she does not put pen to paper.

A Kentish maid by birth Jackie has lived in Somerset for the last thirty years.   In addition to her writing Jackie works part time as a School Secretary at a small Village Primary School.  She took on the job initially for six months - twenty-two years and six Headteachers later she is still there.

Jackie has been an active member of the Yeovil Cre8ive Writers group for many years, only taking a break to study for her OU degree in English Literature.  Her short story “The Barmaid’s Tale” appears in the anthology “The Hangman Inn”.

A frequent competition winner and author of published articles Ee Eye Addyeo (The Farmer Wants a Wife) is Jackie’s debut novel.

Jackie writes in a humorous risque vein chronicling the idiosyncrasies of village life.  Her friends, family and colleagues live in fear of finding themselves featured in her writing.

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Released 31st March 2010

Margot is a very successful romance novelist.  Unfortunately, her busy life-style means that her heroines have a more proactive love life than she has.

Giles is a farmer who works so hard tending his soil that he has no time to cultivate his personal life.  In fact, his young nephew is having much more luck in his gap year than his uncle has had in his whole life.

Fate has thrown Margot and Giles together in Middle Chippings, a small farming community known for its lovely scenery, its highly sought-after country cottages and its ability to hold grudges on an Olympic medal level.  Middle Chippings is your typical farming community.  Everyone knows everyone.  And everyone knows everyone else’s business.  Mostly.  However people always have secrets.

What lies ahead?  Can Giles and Margot get past the dirt and muck to create a romantic adventure for themselves?  Only the village gossips know for sure - or do they?


“...Giles’s dream date was blonde, with big breasts and slim hips.  If she could also drive a tractor, muck out and discuss the finer points of artificial insemination, well that would be a bonus.  Needless to say he was still looking ...”

Book signing at Waterstone’s in Wells, Somerset

15th May.  

Saturday, 15th May 2010 between 11.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.   A successful book signing.  Many thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of the day, especially to the staff at Wells.

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Denise Chapman from the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, pictured recently in Trafalgar Square London showing her excitement at getting her hands on a copy of Ee Eye Addyeo (The Farmer Wants a Wife) - poor Den she obviously doesn’t get out enough!



“I could not put the book down!  I was immersed in the story and fell in love with the characters straight away.  I was always thinking oh no how are they going to get out of that now” Anne P.

“This book came recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed .. I couldn’t put it down.  I even dreamt about the characters” Jo B.

“I read this book within a few days (quite an achievement with small children) as I could not put it down.  It is one of the best romantic fiction books I have read.  Highly recommended” Hayley W.